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Apalachee Center

Tallahassee, FL

The STRUCTURE team, approached this with three pronged approach of brokerage, design/construction project management, and property management, all in tandem working with the incoming tenant and its representatives to ensure the project reflected the desired needs of the future operation along with efficient workflow internally. The Apalachee Center along with a joint venture with TMH and FSU Medical worked with our team to coordinate a successful outcome within budget and timelines.

Our brokerage and project management team collaborated with tenants and representatives to best approach a conceptual layout consisting
of multiple small offices clustered in with conference rooms, multiple break rooms, and work areas seamlessly. We completed extensive floor plan overlays showing the existing project for our design and project management team to get pricing for budget purposes so the transaction could move to the next steps regarding the tenant’s improvement requirements, rents, and projected timeline.

The project management team then coordinated with property management to phase the renovation project by area to allow for Apalachee to start its installation and operations setup early and cut timelines by 20%. All HVAC, lighting, and plumbing inspections were completed by the property management group during the renovation phase to ensure full operation of premises for the tenant day 1 of the lease. The property management group also coordinates with Apalachee on security access and IT infrastructure setup along with signage details.


Office Lease


Brokerage, Property Management,
Project Management


15,000 SF

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