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Aderant Tallahassee

Tallahassee, FL

The STRUCTURE and ICON collective team, working closely with Tenant created a game-plan of which the Tenant could i) reduce office space size, ii) improve layout efficiencies, upgrade quality of office space and determine the location fit the overall business objectives and makeup of its Tallahassee office.

Our brokerage team collaborated with Tenant to complete completed a geospatial analysis to determine location of market options that included travel patterns, drive times and market option availability. Once established, a space utilization worksheet and space programming analysis were completed to determine size ranges and layout of the new office. From here, we “married” the location and size to create a function, working list of market options to send out proposal requests that included a prototype of which the space program could be layered onto each of the short-listed building option’s available floor plan.

The final results:

 Reduce Office Space Size: Reduction of office from an underutilized 27,300 sf to a very efficient layout equal to 11,200 sf (a 58% reduction)
 Improve Layout Efficiencies: Square Foot per FTE decreased from 330 sf per FTE to 140 sf per FTE (National Average is 180 SF / FTE and Tallahassee average is 225 SF per FTE)
 Upgrade Office Quality: The relocation to a new, build-to-suit Class A office space from a Class B second-generation space was afforded by the ability to reduce operating costs from reduction in total office space


Office Relocation


Brokerage / Space Planning


11,200 SF

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