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CareerSource Capital Region

Tallahassee, FL

The STRUCTURE team, working closely with both the tenant and the ownership, engineered a creative solution that satisfied the short-term need for an office relocation without sacrificing the design essentials and layout flexibility that would allow
CareerSource Capital Region to either expand or contract within 2-3 years.

Our brokerage team collaborated with CSCR to conceptualize a layout consisting of multiple, adjacent suites with a shared conference room, a break room, workrooms, and restrooms. The local availability of such a layout was limited, so a focused survey
of market options was completed with site visits that allowed for the completion of the initial layout scenarios to accurately measure the feasibility of the project and the amount of construction required. Our design and project management teams then used stacking diagrams which allowed both the tenant and the ownership to determine the next steps in regards to the tenant’s improvement requirements, costs estimates, and their projected timeline.

The final result of our work with CareerSource Capital Region was a transformation of a Class B interior office space into a modern Class A finished space by utilizing color schemes and materials that were sustainable for future tenancy while also allowing for costs to remain low. The multiple-suite concept assimilated well into the operational flow of CareerSource Capital Region, as the tenant grouped its operations by suite, without sacrificing the effectiveness of servicing its clients and implementing its services.


Non-Profit Relocation & Site Selection


Site Selection, Facility Relocation, Layout Design


10,000 SF

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