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Turning Empty Offices Into Vertical Farms

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, office buildings sit largely vacant, but some see opportunity in this empty space. Instead of cubicles, imagine rows of crops filling these once bustling areas. This innovative idea is becoming a reality in cities like Washington, DC and Calgary, Alberta, where old office buildings are being transformed into thriving vertical farms.

At Area 2 Farms in Arlington, VA, and AgriPlay Ventures in Calgary Tower Centre, the visionaries behind these projects are repurposing abandoned spaces to grow everything from greens to strawberries. Utilizing cutting-edge technology like Silo—a vertical conveyor belt system—these farms are revolutionizing traditional agriculture while fitting seamlessly into existing structures.

The benefits are clear: urban farming provides a sustainable solution to food production, yielding consistent harvests year-round without relying on climate or battling pests. Not only does it address food security concerns, but it also creates green jobs, beautifies urban spaces, and enhances access to fresh, healthy foods for local communities.

In the face of changing urban landscapes and commercial real estate challenges, the conversion of empty offices into thriving urban farms represents a resilient and innovative approach to revitalizing our cities. With each crop harvested, these once-empty spaces are now bustling hubs of productivity, demonstrating the potential for sustainable growth and renewal in our ever-evolving world.

Read more about vertical farming in the original article written by Modern Farmer:


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