Company Profile


We build our foundation of Culture with starting a relationship based on RESPECT, regardless of differences in opinions

We approach each day with an attitude of Making a DIFFERENCE

  • Being part of being something larger than yourself.


  • We are a Real Estate IQ firm and the one thing that cannot be stopped is the ability to learn; earn designations, become a better professional in your trade

Education, hard work & ambition lead to COURAGE

  • Courage – we are going to take risks and face obstacles; failure is good for growth as it builds character and hope when you can pick yourself up and succeed in the face of adversity.  Do not be afraid to be a ‘Light’ in the Companies, to your client and in your community.

HONESTY & INTEGRITY are mainstays in every successful business…

  • The framework of our action and words and is a foundational value of which can unravel an entire culture if trust is lost.

Personal and professional GROWTH

  • We are going to strive to get better each and every day in some aspect of our work and some aspect of our life; the worst statement in business is “this is the way it has always been done” …if you are not improving, you are falling behind.


  • It is not considered weakness and it does not mean thinking less of yourself; but It means to think of yourself less


Our firm provides the professional services of Commercial Real Estate brokerage & leasing, and Commercial Property Management. Created on a foundation of knowledge and integrity, STRUCTURE’s focus is providing customized strategic, brokerage, and management solutions for our private and institutional clients. Our structured services platform allows our clients to focus on their own business operations, knowing that STRUCTURE’s team of real estate experts is taking care of all of the strategic and operational real estate details. The end result is custom-tailored real estate solutions that fulfill your business objectives and maximize your cost-savings.


Proven Results – Over the past 5 years, our principals have participated in over $120,000,000 in commercial real estate transaction and projects. Included in our transaction experience is over 1,000,000 SF of government-related leased facilities throughout the State of Florida.

Full Service Strategic and Corporate Model– Knowledge and expertise in all areas of commercial real estate provides our clients with a comprehensive approach to their real estate needs. STRUCTURE is composed of a diverse group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in commercial real estate, construction, property management and investment banking. Through collaboration, our team works to achieve each clients’ goals, regardless of asset type.

Team Approach – Market IQ / Knowledge – With over 60 years of collective experience, our team provides clients with accurate and insightful market knowledge, including our personal business relationships with key decision makers, as part of tenant solicitations and offerings for lease.

Full Property & Facility Management– We have the ability to assist our clients in management and maintenance of their assets to maximize value and income potential.